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Already registered with us?
If you are currently registered with us, you do not need to complete the form but can email/text or phone us with your booking. We just need date, start and approx finish time.

New to us, rejoining or booking a one off sitter?
If you are new to us, your current registration has lapsed or you wish to book a one off sitter, please complete the form at the bottom of this page….

1: Our vetting procedure…

Our sitters come from a wide range of backgrounds and include nursery nurses, teachers, mums, students with babysitting experience and childminders. Currently there is no government legislation on babysitting; however all sitters selected for our agency have to undergo a strict vetting procedure before they are allowed to babysit.

All our sitters are:
Each sitter must have two written references which I receive directly. The referees must have known the sitters for a minimum of three years. Immediate family members are excluded as referees. The reference must contain written comments on the prospective sitters’ ability and skills in relation to children. I do not accept references on a verbal or email basis and parents are more than welcome to view the references.
CRB / DBS Checked or Ofsted registered

*CRB/DBS -This must be issued within the previous two years of joining the agency, a copy is taken for our file. We will occasionally accept a CRB / DBS check that is more than two years old if the sitter is still in the job that the original CRB / DBS was requested for. We will always ask for proof of this.
*Ofsted registered – Some of our sitters are childminders registered with Ofsted and for these sitters we accept their Ofsted certificate

Required to provide photo idenification
A Passport or driver’s license, again a copy is taken.
Interviewed By Me
This is to ensure I am happy with them and would trust them to look after my own children.
Over 21 Years Old
Sitters must be over 21 and have their own transport, so you will not be asked to contribute to lifts home or to pay for taxis.


What a brilliant service! All the convenience and responsiveness of an online business but with the personal touch of a local one. We've always been impressed with Sue's speed of response and with the lovely, professional sitters she provides. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this business, and frequently do!
E.Reeve Dec2017

Our sitters are more than happy to put your children to bed, supervise teeth brushing, reading etc. Any routine you have, they will follow. Our sitters cannot be responsible for bathing.
Please leave a contact number, children’s medical details and Doctor’s number by the telephone. If, for unforeseen circumstances, you are more than 15 minutes late returning please telephone the sitter and let them know what has happened. The provision of refreshments for your sitter would be appreciated.
Our sitters can only babysit for children who are on the parent registration form. If you do have friends children staying over, this can be arranged in advance.
We do need to have extra children/s information and it is an extra £2ph paid to the sitter. We follow Ofsted guidelines for adult:child ratio.

2: Reviews…

Rated 4.9 out of 5 overall based on 83 reviews…

We use FreeIndex for our reviews so that you can be confident that these are genuine reviews left by our families…

Click here to see all our parents reviews with FreeIndex


3: Meet our sitters…

I do believe that I have the best sitters in the Bristol area. Have a look at a selection….

Click here to meet our sitters


4: Agency & sitter costs…

Here are our costs and to give you an idea of what it covers and the process…

We reference, vet and interview every sitter (full info in our vetting procedure)
Once we receive your booking requirement, we match your needs with our available sitters and book a sitter for you
Email you your sitter information card which will show you a photo plus background of your sitter. Your sitter will contact you prior to the evening to introduce herself and confirm the booking details
Send confirmation texts to both parents and sitter on the morning of the job to ensure every sit runs smoothly
Obtain regular feedback on our sitters as we only want THE best sitters in the Bristol area working for us
Invoice you your booking fees on a monthly basis (for members)


Members prices...

Join us to access our sitters throughout the year

Membership Fee

6 Months £12
1 Year £20

Booking fee

A £7.60 booking fee* (£9.50 if less than 24 hours notice) is charged each time a sitter is organised for you.Invoiced on a monthly basis at month end.

*Booking fees quoted are online bank transfer prices. Paying by PayPal or Direct Debit is £8 (£10 if less than 24hrs notice)

Save 20% off membership fees when you renew with us

Non members prices...

Visiting the area or prefer to book a one off sitter

No membership fees


Booking fee

A £15 booking Fee is paid each time a sitter is organised for you

Paid online at time of booking




Sitters rates...

Minimum 3 hour booking
£8ph between 6pm and midnight
£9ph before 6pm and after midnight

*Extra children from another family £2ph extra
*Hotel rates £9ph (£10ph after midnight)
Hotel parking costs to be covered by parents if applicable.

**New Years Eve Prices**

Members booking fee £12
Non members (one off booking fee) £15
Sitters rates £12ph (before and after midnight) minimum 5 hour booking
A cancellation fee of £20 is in place once a sitter has been organised for you, regardless of when you cancel.


Payment notes…

Booking Fee: The booking fee is non-refundable once a booking has been confirmed to you.
You can save 5% off all your booking fees if you register with us by paying via bank transfer.
You can also pay via Paypal or direct debit (as we are charged for these, no discount will be given)
Agency Payment: Agency fees are collected either 1, PayPal – we invoice monthly and you can use any major credit or debit card or your PayPal account. 2, via bank transfer using Go Cardless Direct Debit. 3, Via BACS transfer, this method benefits from a 5% discount.
Babysitter Payment: Please pay cash to your babysitter when you return home.
Charging: We charge by the half hour (rounded up) eg: 7.30pm – 11.45pm charged as 4 1/2 hours.
Minimum charge: 3 hours.
Hours: At present the Agency offers evening assignments only from 6pm.
Cancellations: There is not a cancellation fee payable if a sitter is cancelled within office hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm). Any sitter cancelled outside these hours will incur a cancellation fee of £10.00 which will be paid to the sitter.

5: To either become a member or book a one off sitter with us….

Please complete the form below and submit. 

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Office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (closed Bank Holidays)
Special nights of the year i.e. Valentines night, New Years Eve etc may have higher booking fees and hourly rates for sitters. You will be advised of this on receipt of your booking.

Parent One

Parent Two (if applicable)

Initial payment will be taken via credit/debit card or PayPal through PayPals secure site. You will be directed to this when you press submit.

How do you wish to make future booking fees? Bank TransferPaypal (Paypal, credit or debit card)Direct DebitOne off booking - not registering